Peggy Phoenix Dubro
Living Energetically Aware

"Come to beautiful Sedona in October and join us on a journey for the new foundations of your innovative enlightened life!” - Peggy Phoenix Dubro

at the Sedona Courtyard Marriot Hotel

  • October 13-16: Rock&Star Reunion - YOUR New Journey! Living energetically aware NOW ALSO ONLINE!
  • October 17-18: NEW! EMF Energy Balancing Express Training

Each event limited to 80 co-creators

Rock&Star Reunion - YOUR New Journey! Living energetically aware
October 13-16

Your New Journey transformational energy event is becoming much more than I had ever expected! At the beginning of the workshop, you will receive a blank Rock&Star Journal titled “My New Journey! Living Energetically Aware”. During our four days together, you will co-create a Reunion with your own unique talents, skills, and abilities. When we finish you will have a Journal filled with unique experiences, the beginning of your new book of living life energetically aware.

NOW ONLINE! If you cannot attend in person this time, for two hours each morning of the R&S Reunion, we will be together online. You will be able to download and print the special Journal and with the assistance of our remarkable team of Journey Guides, we will co-create a unique Reunion featuring your own special talents, skills, and abilities. When we finish the four days, your Journal will be filled with your sacred, precious, and personal experiences - the beginning of your new book of living life energetically aware.

Sedona is a most sacred place of magnificent red rocks and night sky filled with brilliant sparkling stars. YOU were born of the earth and the stars, YOU are a Rock&Star, this is a perfect time for remembrance of self, this is YOUR reunion!

Each day will be dedicated with a special focus on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions:

  • On the physical, we will strengthen the co-creation of new habits of caring for yourself in the new energy.
  • Focused on the mental, we will honor the support and flexibility of our mind and our neurons.
  • Working with our emotional dimension, we will continue to activate the intelligence of the heart, mastering our energy in motion (e-motion) and activating the new bandwidth of emotions that is available for us now.
  • When the time for the spiritual dimension comes, we will be ready to align with a new expression of ourselves as Universal Pioneers.

Our experience together will include sounds, music, toning, drumming, the practice of silence, energy postures, a self guided hiking experience, healthy vegan snacks, special guests and more!

Special Announcement!
Meet Our Extraordinary Rock&Star Journal Guides

“We are a movement of co-creators who choose to live energetically aware and master our most precious resource, our personal energy” - Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Dates: October 13-16
Place: Sedona Courtyard Marriot Hotel
In person:
- Price: $620
- Early Phoenix Special until October 7th: $222
- Regular Price after October 7th: $288

NEW! EMF Energy Balancing Express Training
October 17-18

In this two day training, you will learn a series of basic energy patterns born from the EMF Balancing Technique® that can be used easily in different situations of our everyday life, with children, in hospitals, and more. These patterns of gentle movements and intentions will provide a deep and quick alignment with a stronger level of coherence and wellbeing.

It is time to go out to the world and be of service with a tool that is easy to practice, quick and effective, born from the strong foundations of our classic and powerful work of the EMF Balancing Technique®.

A personal note from Peggy:

Through the years many people said the EMF Balancing Technique® was ahead of its time, and it was. It was challenging to develop and deliver such a new energy system before a specific time frame of acceptance within the collective. I now gratefully observe many who present new energy dynamics.

The word “technique” is an important part of the name. A technique is a method of doing something using a special skill you have developed or learned. I am grateful that the resonance of this technique has always been in a frequency of harmony complementary with all modalities.

Within the understanding of the EMF Balancing Technique® was the realization that one day humanity would understand the importance of the relationship between human consciousness and the electromagnetic field. Through the profound work and research of HeartMath the importance of the human to human electromagnetic connection is being scientifically confirmed. Many of you know that Phase I “Wisdom and Emotions” of the EMF Balancing Technique focuses on the balance of the head and heart and the human to human electromagnetic connection is a basic premise for all the Phases of the technique.

The EMF Energy Balancing Express will serve us all very well as we serve one another.

Come, learn, and practice. We are just beginning ... again!

Infinite Love always,
Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Dates: October 17-18
Place: Sedona Courtyard Marriot Hotel
Energy exchange:
For EMF Alumni**:
- Price: $222
For non-EMF Alumni:
- Price: $444

**The EMF Alumni price is for EMF practitioners, EMF teachers, and those who have completed EMF Personal Growth Training

So, are you coming? Want to share a room or a ride?

Although the hotel is offering a special rate for our group (click here for special rate), Sedona has plenty of places to stay, including hotels and houses that can be rented. Very reasonable rates can be found in Cottonwood, a 20 minutes beautiful scenic ride to the venue.

We have created Facebook group to share the different options and facilitate the communication between the attendees who want to share a room or a ride. Click here to join the group.

Our Extraordinary Rock&Star Journal Guides:

Barbara Partarrieu

Barbara Partarrieu is an experienced and skillful journalist who will offer guidance in receiving and recording the words of encouragement and wisdom we have for ourselves...

It could be said that writing runs in Barbara’s DNA. When she was a little girl, she witnessed both grandmothers creating stories and writing poetry on their noisy typewriters, machines that she treasures to this day, symbols of the legacy of Ela and Nelly, two amazing women of power.

So there was no surprise when Barbara decided to become a journalist! At the age of 19, while still studying at University, she started her career at La Nación newspaper and for 16 years, she developed her profession through associations with important Chilean newspapers El Mercurio and La Tercera. When she was 30, she became the director of a bestselling celebrity magazine. However, she soon discovered that this seemingly successful life was not a path leading to the fulfilled happy experience that she wanted for herself. And then she began to make adjustments.

She didn´t have to go very far to find Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the EMF Balancing Technique® and an amazing spiritual family. She knew from the beginning that this was her place. Since she became an EMF Practitioner in 2004 and a Teacher in 2005, her commitment with Peggy and this work has been constantly growing first as Peggy´s host in Chile and Argentina, then as her Spanish translator, as a friend and as a member of EEI's core team. Today, the EMF understandings are the spiritual backbone of her life and an important part of her soul purpose.

Barbara feels honored with the opportunity of sharing the beauty of drawing words of wisdom and love as a bridge between the inner and the outside, the potential and the manifestation, the infinite and the matter. She will share ideas and secrets of journaling, that will help you to find your best way to connect with more of yourself through the written word. Let´s co-create in writing the foundations of our new lives.

Peggy Doig

Peggy Doig will gently and joyfully guide your journal drawing throughout the Rock&Star Reunion Event. Her goal is to ignite your inner artist by breathing life into your heartfelt intentions.

Peggy Doig is the founder of Essence Studio in Sedona, where she facilitates creation of the sacred expressions of Self through art. Inspired by the concept of “Self Expression Space”, she teaches basic principles of color theory, composition and the use of various art materials. She teaches classes and workshops at Sedona Art Center and the Village Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Clinic.

Before developing her own artistic abilities, Peggy received a Doctorate in Public Health from the University of California at Berkeley, devoting her early career to medical research in academia and the corporate world. She had a stunning realization when a colleague told her that after a long hard day he would look at a work of art in his office to soothe himself. In that moment she realized that her true contribution to ‘public health’ would be through the medium of art. She turned her focus to artistic expression, training at the Austin Museum of Art, and later at the Abernathy Arts Center/Spruill Center for the Arts in Atlanta, Ga. Peggy has exhibited her works in galleries in Atlanta, GA and in Sedona, where she is an exhibiting artist at the Village Gallery and at the Sedona Arts Center. Many of her commissioned works are in private collections throughout the world. Her purpose is to create art and teach others artistic skills to express the essence of divinity present in all humanity and nature.

Peggy also feels honored to be an EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner and teacher. She is grateful to Peggy Phoenix Dubro for her courage in bringing tools to humanity that consistently allow directly communicate with the inner Self in an age just beginning to remember this power. Together we are speaking softly on the edge of a dream bringing to life who we truly are!

Helena Froelich

Helena Froelich will perform and lead the group in Sacred Movement throughout the Rock&Star Reunion Event.

Helena is the Artistic Director of CreationDance, a sacred dance company in residence at the First Unitarian Society in Newton, Mass. She teaches Ballet, Modern Dance, Pilates, Yoga for the Lattice®, Moving Prayers, and is a practitioner of the EMF Balancing Technique®. She is also a faculty member of the Boston Ballet School since 2005.

Helena is passionate and joyful about spirituality and dance. Her purpose is to share the beauty and expression and to develop awareness, raise vibration and build community through dance as a spiritual practice.  Throughout her career, she has performed and led workshops in spiritual venues, churches of different denominations, and the Sacred Dance Guild. In her teaching of movement, she strives to achieve the integration and expression of more of who we are, inspired by the wonderful body of work of Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Peggy’s mantra: “The Key to Freedom is to Be Fully Present in your Body”.

Helena has performed, taught and choreographed for more than twenty companies, including Centre National de Danse Contemporaine and Association CreationDance in France, Biberach Stadtstheater in Germany, Nikolais/Louis Repertory Group and American Repertory Ballet’s Princeton School in the US.

She is originally from France, where she received her dance training in ballet and modern dance with Maître Jean Garcia and Gunilla Lervick. She also studied jazz, tap, African, character, flamenco, tai chi, choreography and a number of body therapies, e.g. acupressure and energy work. She received scholarships from the French government to study at the Merce Cunningham School and with Alvin Nikolais/Murray Louis in New York.

Michael Larson

Michael Larson will present Extraordinary Celestial Sounds throughout the Rock&Star Reunion Event.

Michael’s gentle, clear method of teaching promotes energetic awareness using various simple, pure instruments (crystal harp, drums, rattles, etc.) to assist in moving energy. The celestial sounds he invokes bring us to a state of peace, happiness and interconnectedness with all of life, clearing a space for the healthy expression of the listeners' unique gifts.

Michael was a member of the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team 1988-91. He started doing yoga when he was in his mid 30's to heal his body from all the jumps and bumps that came with professional skiing. After 13 years as a yoga studio owner and instructor, he embarked on a shamanic path whereupon he was drawn to explore effective and practical ways to experience self-realization. It was this exploration which ignited and fed his passion to learn more about the human energy anatomy and how to experience it more fully, leading him to discover the extraordinary work of Peggy Phoenix Dubro.

In 2010 he began the next chapter of his life by taking an Intro to EMF Balancing Technique®. He felt so alive after this experience that he couldn’t help but want to share it with others in his community who then experienced the same. He became a practitioner of The EMF Balancing Technique®, and was inspired to follow many of the other modalities which Peggy offers. Most recently he became an iPhoenix Facilitator Trainer and is excited to be offering iPhoenix Facilitator Trainings for other enthusiastic members in his community.

He has performed with The Pineal Toning Choir on three occasions around the world and, after finding deeper connection in doing so, has been led to teach others how to tone as a means of channeling more of who they are. This dovetails beautifully with his iPhoenix sessions!

Rosemarie Brown

Local area astrologer Rosemarie Brown will guide us through the tidal charts of celestial energies during our time together, with the intention that you may wisely ride and record your experience of the energy waves of this profound gathering!

Rosemarie began her studies at age 13, with an avid interest in astrology, metaphysics and alternative energy healing approaches. Since that time she has worked with the healing modalities of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, homeopathy and shamanism, as well as numerous types of astrology. She holds degrees in Bachelor of Music Education, B.A. and Masters of Social Work, M.S.W. Rosemarie worked in social services for 30 years, most recently with hospice in providing bereavement and social work support. She has also received training as a life coach with the Maria Nemeth Academy for Coaching Excellence.

Rosemarie has been assisting clients through astrological consultation in the US and internationally for 35 years. Her private astrological consulting practice specializes in natal chart interpretation and progressions/transits, and in the past 20 years she has added medical astrology as a major component of her work. Her desire and focus is to assist people to look, see and take authentic action toward their heart’s desire to realize greater life fulfillment.