Peggy Phoenix Dubro
Living Energetically Aware

Dear Co-Creator,

We have all spent a good amount of time releasing! Some of you may even remember the great meditation of "not this, not this", a letting go of all that we once identified with. We have been living in the awareness we have been asleep, now we are at a new threshold of awakening!

We are stepping into a new reality, awakening and going beyond old boundaries. We are ready to co-create on a powerful wave of new energies! It is time for our Next Big Leap with a group Phoenix Inspiration & Insights energy session New Reality, New Identity, Respecting Yourself!

Who are we collectively?... And who are you individually? In the year 2018 we are called upon to refine and define who we are in the perspective of our life experiences. As we each grow in the energetic awareness of our daily activities, our work, our relationships, we are wise to ask ourselves on a regular basis "Who am I now?"

Choose to "try on" some new roles or titles. You choose to empower the titles or roles you wish to strengthen in your own life. Take time to be aware of large or small details related to new expressions of self as you live your life. You may go beyond the concern of becoming attached to any new identity, remember, you are choosing this time to play in consciousness. You are becoming more of who you are as a multidimensional being, you are ready to courageously shape your new identity in this new energy.

Integrating ego into a new sense of self is a gift you give to yourself and to the collective, dear Universal Human. You know how this works ... and we do this together!

In the energy of Infinite Love always,
Peggy Phoenix Dubro

New Reality, New Identity Respecting Yourself!

FRIDAY January 12th 2018 - 1.00 - 2.00pm EST

In English with Spanish translation - Participate live or watch the recording!

In this Phoenix Inspiration and Insights energy session, we will calibrate and strengthen energy patterns of self-worth and confidence. We will respectfully claim our empowered presences and define our new roles and New Identity in alignment with the vision of what is possible in our experience of New Reality.

New Identity, New Reality Respecting Yourself... Even More!

SATURDAY January 13th - 1.00 - 2.30pm EST

In English with Spanish translation - Participate live or watch the recording!

In this Phoenix Inspiration and Insights session, we will use gold and platinum energies, to empower and strengthen the calibrations of becoming more present in your new identity. Experience yourself with greater clarity and focus as you consciously calibrate new patterns of who you choose to be, your expression of self, personally and collectively. You are awake, you are beyond dreaming of who you will become, you are taking action to become more of who you are... and the energy of new enlightenment flows!

Energy exchange for this very special session: $33.00 (Regular Tuition: $44.00)