Peggy Phoenix Dubro
Living Energetically Aware

Dear Co-Creator,

We did it! On October 18th we completed the first EMF Express Activator Training in Sedona. The Express energy is more powerful and loving than any of us could have imagined, and now we are ready to bring it to you, beyond time and space, through the multidimensional magic of internet technology. I so look forward to seeing how you, our loving online community will contribute to the evolution of this new modality.
(Be sure read the special note at the end of this page, I love the scientific validation for all of us!)

Free Event – EMF Express Activation, Inspiration, and Education

1.00 – 2.30pm EST

A gift of an Express energy introductory activation (or two). Also included will be some Phoenix Inspiration and Insights to help us, including myself, understand this new resonance, why we are able to access it now, and how we all benefit as individuals and as a collective.

More about the EMF Energy Balancing Express Activations

Some days before the first live training here in Sedona, when the Express energy flowed through my body and my entire being, I became acutely aware that “Express” is an encompassing name, not just a singular description. One meaning of express is fast, or quick. EMF Express activations are made to work fast and to be used when on the go in daily life. They are also quick to learn and easy to use for yourself and others. Another meaning of express is to manifest clearly. The Express energy activations are here to help us “express” more of ourselves, who we are and why we are here.

We are using a new energy called “Express”. The resonance of this new energy is deeply infused with our multidimensional intelligence. Before the first training began, the alignment for the energy was only partly known to me, however I trusted it would reveal itself. The first day of the alignment for the training went well and I was very aware of what the energy was doing. The second day the energy of the alignment completely took me by surprise, it was so powerful and alive. In my inner eye, clear as day, I saw the kind and beautiful faces of who we are … from the stars, all radiant and present.

I would like to share the name of each activation and its area of focus so that you may sense the resonance of this beautiful work.

#1 Express Inspiration - Crown Center
#2 Express Intuition and Intellect - Rings of Energy around the head
#3 Express Wisdom - Heart of the Inner Eye
#4 Express Communication - Back of the Neck & Throat
#5 Express Infinite Love - Heart and High Heart Centers
#6 Express Sense of Self - Heart of the Solar Plexus
#7 Express Empowerment - Hips
#8 Express Adaptability - Knees, calves, & feet
#9 Express Balance & Healing - Whole Body
#10 Express Giving & Receiving - Hands
#11 Express Remedy - Honor, Clear, Balance, Heal
#12 Express Quantum Activation - Core Energy
#13 Express Phoenix Postures – BONUS - Heart Centered Presence & Wild Wisdom

All of these activations are born from the strong foundations of the EMF Balancing Technique®.

Learn the EMF Energy Balancing Express Online

November 18th & 25th, December 3rd
2 hours each day
1.00 – 3.00pm EST

Tuition: $444.00
Special Tuition for EMF Balancing Technique Practitioners and Teachers: $222.00

Payment plans available

Sign up here:

We did it! New EMF Express Activators from 13 countries

I know you will enjoy this Express Energy and will find it to be very profound and powerful. We are ready to begin anew and this time we go more mainstream! Sign up for this educational event and become an EMF Express Energy activator. Help yourself and others master your/their most precious resource, your/their personal energy! As promised, new tools for the new energy.

Blessings of Living Energetically Aware,
Peggy Phoenix Dubro