Peggy Phoenix Dubro
Living Energetically Aware

Amazing Results in Experiment with Dr. Korotkov

On July 24th, 2016 Peggy took part in an international experiment with the renowned Russian scientist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov to measure energy activation from a distance. The results were clear and powerful. Of all the various activations tested, the EMF energy of Infinite Love measured the strongest! You are invited to learn how to activate more of the energy of Infinite Love for yourself and others. As promised, there are new tools for the new energy!

Special thank you to documentary filmmaker Tsipi Raz for her dedicated efforts in coordinating the experiment with Dr. Korotkov, and in making a film that leads people to know how connected they really are. Her vision helps us know we are ready to live in universal peace! An extra special thank you to Tamar Genisher, a dedicated EMF Balancing Technique® family member whose loving presence and insightful inspiration throughout the years helped to make this possible.


In this image, Tamar Genisher is sitting with her back to the screen where Peggy came in and activated energy in two opportunities. Tamar was not able to see if Peggy was there nor what she was doing.

There were five and sometimes six cameras recording the experiment, all synchronized to local time. Dr. Korotkov was measuring the energy with different devices, some of them connected to Tamar´s body while others were measuring the energies of the studio.

This graph shows the variations of Tamar´s energy when Peggy activated energy the first time (number 1) when she left (number 2), when she came back and activated again (number 3) and when she left (number 4). The graph shows a very interesting and dramatic variation (marked as A) in between activations.

Dr. Korotkov was very surprised with this variation that was also the strongest result measured from all the experiments that were made. What also surprised him is that this peak was reached in between activations, not during any of them. So he went back to review the footage of that day to see what happened in the exact moment when this change happened.

Dr. Korotkov found in that exact moment Tamar felt an urge to touch her High Heart center as Peggy had when she began the activation. Peggy had activated the energy of Infinite Love for Tamar with respect and honor for her and who she is in her wholeness. When Tamar placed her hands on her heart she accepted the activation and responded according to her inner wisdom. The results of this activation were clear and powerful. This is something that everyone can do, and with a little practice, Peggy can teach you how!

The final and more complete results of this experiment will be presented in the film that Tsipi Raz is making.